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Phoenix House

A 14 bed men's recovery program that provides a support system for those on their road to recovery. Lasting 12 -18 months the program will guide you through services related to mental health and substance abuse. We promote time management skills and personal responsibility to help residents get back on their feet. Each resident will have access to peer support services to help regain skills to find a sustainable means to long term recovery. We also provide independent living assistance, mutual support meetings, opportunities to gain certificates, educational programs, and more. Here you'll build a connection to the recovery community and knowledge of how to connect to a recovery community of your choosing, following your departure.

For more info call 304-359-2185 ext. 101 and to apply fill out the application and email it to

Pathways is dedicated to treating you with dignity and respect. We will assist you in your personal recovery journey with a focus on individual needs to achieve your goals in your new healthy way of life.


"Learn from Your Past, Live for Today and Create Your Future,"

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