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Misty Stambler Executive Director Social Work Counseling P.R.S.S
Misty Stambler

As a person in long-term recovery from Opioid Use Disorder and the product of generations of addiction, abuse, and trauma, I have committed my life to helping and serving others who may have similar experiences. Thanks to those who have created pathways to recovery before me, I have been given options and opportunities to decide what my recovery would look like. And that is exactly what I plan to spend my life doing, giving people options. Research shows that sustained recovery is possible by the connections we make with others. By creating a comprehensive recovery ecosystem, I am dedicated to providing safe housing, access to healthy activities, education, mutual aid support meetings, therapy, and other services that address the individual needs of people in recovery. As a wife and mother of two sons, I enjoy traveling and hiking with my family, spending time in nature, yoga, running, a good audio book, and of course coffee! Along with my hobbies and my commitments to my family and my recovery, I am a student completing a Master’s in Social Work so that I can continue to grow and expand the options and opportunities to our recovery community. I am living proof that recovery is possible.

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